Food is a wonderful thing that is why it has it's own category... also we are a bunch of foodies who peruse google for the hottest food porn instead of real porn.  Each article is labeled and below is a guide of what these labels mean:
• HEALTHY: Diet recipes, what to eat before a workout, high protein and more...
• CHEAP: If you are anything like me when I first moved into my own place you probably want to check this section out.
• EASY: For all of you peeps who can't even boil water correctly.
• THE MUNCHIES: Anything from the best brands of chips, to making your own weed edibles.  Basically the junk food section.
• FANCY: The beautiful food that you make when you want to impress someone.  The hard expert level items that you have to be a chef to make... or just read the directions.
• BOOZE: Cocktails, Beer, hip new bars, everything related to alcohol.