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Maybe you sit around in your pajamas watching cartoons all day while eating cereal out of a measuring cup because you are too lazy to wash a bowl.  Maybe you are 30 something and still living at home with your parents a.k.a your “roomies” (don’t worry no one’s judging… ok maybe…)  Anyways… if this sounds like you, than you have come to the right place!

This blog is for the grownups who haven’t quite mastered the art of adulting yet.   You will find a mixture of things on this site ranging from dumb Florida people doing dumb Florida things, to articles about geek & general pop culture, to some tips on how to have a dinner party on a poor man’s budget, and don’t forget all of the social justice I have to dish out. ( I am what they call a Millenial after all)  Basically it’s just a site full of semi useful things, and some just straight up dumb shit things.

Anyways if you have found yourself on pseudoadult.com please take a look around and I hope you become a regular visitor.  Also I apologize in advance to the terrible grammar and mechanical errors.  Everyone who writes for this thing was the product of the Los Angeles County School District, so I hope you understand.

What you will find in each section: 

Tips, Tricks, & Guides: You will find recipes for budget meals, how to build your credit, how to pack a bowl like a champ, and many more useful things you may need.

Adult Fails: This is where you get all of your LOL’s and what not.  All of things NOT to do when you are trying to adult.

General Geekery: This is pretty much what it sounds like.  Could be anything from an article on the best episode of the twilight zone, maybe a comic book review, to omg did you see that Game of Thrones episode last night?!  Anything that we geek out on would be here.

Listicles: A collection of list-articles.  I know it sounds dirty but I swear it’s not… well maybe.  This can be anything from the 10 best 80’s bands to the 20 cutest things my cats have done.

Food: Food is a wonderful thing that is why it has it’s own category… also we are a bunch of foodies who peruse google for the hottest food porn instead of real porn.

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