You ever go to a bar and want to order a drink a certain way, but didn’t know the terms to use?  It’s cool! we got you covered! The following are a few basic glossary terms that will have you ordering at the par like a pro in no time!

The basic terms: 

NEAT: Your choice of alcohol at room temperature without ice or any type of mix.

STRAIGHT UP ( or just up): liquor or cocktails served without ice, but unlike a drink that is neat, straight up drinks are usually chilled by either shaking or stirring before serving.

ON THE ROCKS: Your choice of alcohol over ice

MIST: Your choice of alcohol over crushed ice.

WELL DRINKS: The cheap liquor kept in the well which are used unless a certain brand is asked for.

MIXER: Non alcoholic ingredient such as juice or soda mixed in with the alcohol

CHASER: A drink that is taken right after another one.  Usually is a weaker alcohol such as a beer.

A SHOT: Usually made of pure alcohol.  Maybe one type or a mixture of a few different kinds of alcohol. Usually drank in one gulp or shot.

SHOOTER: These are strong drinks served in a shot glass. Can include a mix of non alcoholic ingredients.

A SOUR: Normally a whiskey drink, but can be other types of liquor as well.  It is your choice of alcohol, sugar, and lime or lemon juice.

A TODDY: Drink that is mixed with a hot beverage usually water, tea, or coffee.

Garnishing terms:

Twist: Thin slice of citrus peel that is twisted  onto the drink to give it a light flavor.

Dirty: Just means they add olive brine to your martini.