I know all of us are perfrect (catch that typo?) ,but sometimes even the best creators and publishers have bizarre or funny comic book moments.  Back in the day, Stan Lee used to offer “No-Prizes” to fans who would point out errors in his books.  The errors became so common (and funny), that Marvel even put out a “No-Prize” comic, with a collection of these errors.  Here are a collection of our favorite not-ready-for-prime-time moments in comic book publishing:

1. Spider-man meets, err…”Iron Fist?”


Did you know Spider-Man could shoot webs out of his @$$?  Well, it only happens when he gets punched right in the poop-shoot, so villains beware!

2. Which leads us to Peter “Palmer”, the Amazing Spider-Man!


Looks like old Petey has a hand fixation…or perhaps he is talking about his Tinder handle?

3. The Joker likes to use the word “Boner”

It looks like Joker lived up to his name by invoking elementary school humor.  With his failed stand-up career, now we know why he turned to a life-of-crime.

4. Captain “Quitter”


In this oldie-but-goodie, the truth is revealed about Captain America!  Before he was revealed that he may (or may not) be a secret Hydra agent, Captain America was a whiny quitter!

5. The Star Trek race switch


Even the most strident Trekkers  may not know Sulu was a handsome black fellow!  At the same time, Uhura has transformed into a blonde Anglo!  What’s going on here?