The pseudo adult is a curious creature.  There are plenty of us out in the world, but we are not all the same.  Some pseudo adults can be someone who is successful, maybe has a family, is a home owner, and still watches the occasional cartoon, all the way to the 35 year old grown ass man that still lives with his parents, works at burger king because he gets free food, and smokes weed all day.  You might be one of these or possibly all of these. Whichever one you are, you are all awesome in my book!

1) The Unambitious Pothead

We all know the 30 year old pot head who knows every detail about the strain of weed they are smoking but have no idea what day it is or if they are supposed to go to work or not (if they work).  This pot savant has the weed smarts, maybe cartoon smarts, and most definitely the best info on munchies, but not the I have a regular adult persons job smarts.  I made sure to put unambitious in the title because there are plenty of pot connoisseurs out there who are a active and productive members of society.


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2) The Lazy/Dirty One

This one is usually a pot smoker, but not always.  Sometimes they just don’t want to make the effort to throw out the 20 pizza boxes that have stacked up next to their over flowing trashcan.  This is the type of person who rather eat cereal out of a measuring cup and a soup ladle or keep buying paper plates in order to avoid washing the dishes that are piling up.  The ultra lazy will maybe even new clothes in order to avoid doing the laundry.  Usually the fresh out of the parents house type / the 20 something… but sometimes the 30 or 40 something.


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3) The “My parents live with ME”

Ah yes… that person who has gotten to the age where people start to ask questions on why they don’t move out of their parent’s home.  This person can go one of two ways: 1) To the outsider they can look like they have the adulting thing down with a good job, maybe a girl or boyfriend, maybe they are working on getting a few more college degrees.  The last thing they have to do is move out, but they just can’t do it for some reason or another.  2) The adult child who never leaves!  This is the guy or gal who lives at home to avoid doing anything that is remotely adult.  Maybe they still go to school but for the most part they are lazy and if they do ever finally move out they will probably be the one that turns into the lazy/dirty one because they have never done anything themselves.

4 ,5, & 6) 
The Scifi Geek, The Comic/Anime Geek / toy collector


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I felt that these should all be clumped together.  These are the folks who will go to a comic convention and feel like they are with their people.   The places they feel safe are in a comic shops and hanging out with other like minded people. Sometimes they are a bit odd and introverted but put them in their natural habitat such as cosplaying at a convention and it’s a whole new person.  These are probably what most people think of when you say pseudo adult.  they are the ones who take pride in their fandom and aren’t embarrassed that they are 40 years old and watch cartoons, read comic books, dress like aliens, and collect thousands of dollars worth of toys that are essentially made for children.

7) The Gamer

Some say video games are for children to play with, but try telling that to the 30 year old who waits in line all night at the Best Buy just to get their hands on the new copy of Bioshock or Halo.  These folks will lock themselves in a room for 36 hours without sleeping just to play their favorite game.  The gamers aren’t always known they can look like you or I, but if know a new game is coming out that has a lot of hype about it, and your co-worker or boss disapears for a day or two… you know whats up.

8) The Irresponsible One 

This guy or gal is the type that will pay rent or bills late because they want to have fun.  The person who blows all of their rent money on concert tickets instead of you know.. paying rent!  Leaving their roomates or landlord high and dry without remorese. This is the type of person who will also complain about how they are broke all the time but for some reason have a brand new car, tv, or other expensive item they like to brag about while complaining about how they have no money for food or bills.

9) The Night Clubber

Finally we find ourselves at the night clubber… This is not someone who just likes to go to a club a few times a year, no this is that person who wants to go every weekend aid maybe even there most of the week.   This person is different than the person who goes to the neighborhood bar all the time, this person is the one who wants to party constantly.  Some might say this is something you do in your early 20s, but this is the person who you see clubbing weekly well into their late 20s sometimes 30s and the very sad ones into their 40+ years.


You might be one of these or you might be a mixture of them all.  A lot of people these days don’t feel like an adult until they have the house, car, wife, maybe kid, and job that takes care of everything.  If you are a 20 something hell even a 30 or 40+ something and still don’t feel like you got the adulting thing down, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  In the mean time have fun and enjoy being a pseudo adult.