So you finally have your own place and you want to have a few friends over for a dinner party.  There is a problem though… you are a little on the broke side.  Don’t worry I am here to help you out!  We got this!

Inviting Guests:

This should be the easy part but this wouldn’t be a complete guide without listing the ways to invite your guests.  You can go the old fashioned way with actual paper invites, make a facebook event, or use a website like

Make it a potluck!

Provide the main dish, maybe chicken or fish to keep it low cost, or maybe a vegetarian dish for an even cheaper option.  Get a headcount of everyone coming and assign everyone a dish or drink to bring.

Paper or BYOP (Bring Your Own Plate)

If you are planning a dinner party using this guide, than it is safe to say that you probably don’t have dinnerware for more than 4 people.  If you are having a party for more than 4 people head over to the 99 cent store and grab yourself a stack of paper plates, or if you don’t want to spend or be wasteful you can ask everyone to bring a plate from home.  I recently went to a party where someone had everyone come with their own tea cup.

Dinner party atmosphere: 

You can create a nice dinner atmosphere for pretty cheap.  If you have some white LED string lights you can hang those up around your apartment and maybe light a few candles for a nice classy feel to the room.  Maybe spruce things up with a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table.  Also figure out if you want some background music, perhaps a bit of light jazz or some old timey singers like Sinatra or Dean Martin.  The choice is yours.

This concludes our guide on how to throw a dinner party on a minimum wage budget.  Hope it helps, and if you have any suggestions leave a comment below.

Happy dinner partying!