It has come to my attention recently that there are a lot of 20+ year old folks out there who don’t have credit cards.  Some people get discouraged because they have no credit and can’t seem to get approved for a card, but this is where I help you out.  What you want to look for is something called a secured credit card.

Why do I need a credit card? 

Yes credit cards can get you in trouble sometimes, but they are also good to have for an emergency, buying large items, leasing a car or an apartment, and probably the best way to buy things when traveling abroad.  Also it is a lot easier to steal a debit card and take all the money than it is a credit card, so you have that extra security layer there.

What is a secured credit card? 

A secured credit card is basically a starter card.  It is used to help you build or rebuild your credit by requiring a deposit of your own money.  You borrow against your money, and make sure that you make your payments on time.  After a while the creditors will see that you are a responsible person and they will start upping your credit line.

What card should I get? 

This one I will leave up to you, but check out this list from which has a description for some of the popular secured credit cards out there.